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Spartan 2.0 "The Reprise" (In Person, Outdoor)

Cherry Hill

Spartan is back! This group will meet weekly on Saturday mornings. We will meet at various locations and train so that committed participants are prepared to run their first Spartan Sprint race.  Concurrently we will study the Scripture out of the book of Judges so we may draw inspiration and grow in our relationship with God and community.  The physical training will be varied but at its core consist of trail running, body weight exercises, Spartan inspired 'obstacles', and other fun surprises.  Please bring commitment, a great attitude, a willingness to be coached, and a desire to grow in God and community! We look forward to meeting you!

Please purchase a 5 gallon bucket and lid prior to the first group meeting ($5 to $7 at any home improvement store). We will meet in various area parks, recreation areas, forests, etc.


LEADERS: Chris Barraro & Juan Serrano

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