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Singled Out - Thrive Singles Group (35+, Online)


Did you know that being single is a gift - even if it doesn’t always feel that way? Some of us are not married by choice, some through circumstances or the loss of a spouse, and others are single because we just haven’t yet married, but hope to one day. Whether you are recently single or have been for a while, being single can make you feel very different or “set apart” from those who are married.  Using the book “They Were Single Too” as a discussion guide, we will look at the purpose, positives - and often times the humor - of our singleness and how God specifically used people who were single in key events that took place in the Bible. Your singleness is not a mistake but a planned part of His purpose.  This group will meet via Zoom and is for both men and women 35+ who are widowed, divorced or never married.


LEADER: Karen Bringhurst

Group will meet online.

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